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Nathan Interactive recognise that the successful training of business users is a critical part of any project, and believe all training programmes should positively impact business needs.

We call this approach Training for Impact.

We define Training for Impact as results-orientated training that is based upon business needs that will help our customers achieve its business goals and objectives.

Our training programmes aims to provide business users with the skills and knowledge needed for technological and cultural changes, assess the readiness of the work environment to support the learning process, involve management responsibility for ensuring skill transfer, and provide measurable results that can be tracked.

The Training for Impact approach can be depicted with the following formula:-

Learning Process x Work Environment = Business Results

This simply means that when skills taught in the training classroom are applied to the job, it will yield improved business performance. During the duration of any project, training personnel from Nathan Interactive will create a business partnership with key managers to ensure that the Learning Process and Work Environment of the formula will be effectual.

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