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Welcome to the online training guide for the L&Q Universal Housing (UH) System. This online guide is divided into six sections ( shown in the page header above ) which together cover all aspects of UH functionality. The section are as follows:

An overview of UH functionality and the benefits of using the new system. The topics covered are ideal for all new users. This section will also show a guide on how to use this online training guide.

Document Management
An explanation of the concepts of Document Management and a step by step guide to scanning and indexing.

Workflow Processes
An introduction to workflow concepts and how to access, start or manage L&Q workflow processes.

Contact Manager
The function of Contact Manager which helps our organisation to be equipped to handle each and every query received, effectively and efficiently.

Reporting functions in UH.

A explanation of all the administrative functions in UH.

It is recommended that you read the Getting Started with the Online Training Guide section before proceeding to the above sections.

Getting Started with the Online Training Guide
Navigating to or Searching for a specific Topic
Universal Housing Terms and Definitions
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